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Workshop details

Needle Felted dogs Workshop  9 February  £40


We will be making a needle felted dog using core wool and batts of natural colours. The dogs will be made in a

small size to ensure we complete them in the day. We will have photographs available of different breeds and

poses to help guide you on your felting journey.  

Wet and Needle Felted Bag 12 and 13 January   £50


We will use wet felting techniques on day 1 to make your bag. There are 2 stencil patterns to choose from.

On day 2 when the bags are dry you will be able to needle felt a design or pattern on to the bag and add embellishments.


Included in the cost will be all the wool for the wet felting and fibre for needle felting your design. Embellishments will be

available for you to buy extra on the day or you can bring a selection of your own. You will need a large towel for day 1.


Needle Felting skills workshop 13 January  £40 - come and work on a picture or a 3d animal.


Needle Felted Woodland animals   26 January £40


We will use natural coloured wool to needle felt a choice of  mouse, deer, hare or badger. A selection of models and images will be available  but if you have an image you would like to have a try at creating then please bring them with you.

bags course

3 Day picture workshop  10 and 24 February and 10 March  £100   options for 1 or 2 day - see workshop page


We will be creating pictures using all the skills of wet and needle felting and then finishing off  using a sewing machine

and hand stitched embellishments. Running over 3 Sundays we will begin on day 1 by wet felting the background layer

of your picture and any prefelt pieces you wish to create additional features in your art work during the second day.

Day 2 will be needle felting details on to your picture and making a small piece for you to experiment with on day 3.

Day 3 will be using the sewing machines to embellish on your piece of work, we will have a selection of some materials

you can use but if you have some of your own you wish to add please bring them with you. It is recommended that you

use your own sewing machine if possible and also you will then know the settings for your own machine, however some

sewing machines are available for hire. These need to be booked at the time you book on the course to ensure

we have enough available.


Needle felted Dragon   16 and 17 February  £70


We will be making our own dragon armature with wire and then covering it with wool to build up our very own dragons. You will have a choice of wet or needle felting your wings. Towels will be needed for the wet felting

Needle felted landscape or seascape pictures  17 March  £40


We will make a selection of miniature pictures that can be put inside aperture cards or miniature frames. Or you can make one larger picture.


dragon 20181014_152302 hares and badger 20180822_094326 waistcoat

Felted Waistcoat  13 and 14 April  £70


We will use wet felting skills to design your own waistcoat. Pattern provided on the day and all materials included. This is going to be limited on numbers due to the space needed for each waistcoat and some may be in an adjoining room but we will have plenty of tutors to support you each step of the way. You will need to bring 2 large towels with you